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    Content round-ups. I’ll do regular round-ups* of news you might have missed, all in one convenient place. For example, book news, blog posts, writing advice, Tumblr Q&As, the latest Headcrab Recs YA and public giveaways.
    * as content permits! No more than once a month and if there’s a quiet month, I won’t put filler in your inbox.
    The bigger book news as it happens! Don’t miss any cover, excerpt, trailer reveals, release dates or other major announcements!

While I post these types of updates across several social media platforms, I know it can be easy to miss announcements and giveaways. Sometimes it’s because of timing—not being online when an update happens so they get buried in feeds—sometimes, some platforms don’t always let me reach everyone who has expressed interest. While I will continue to post updates and interact with readers everywhere I am online, I want to eliminate this problem for those who would like to be guaranteed the latest news. This is an OPT-IN newsletter, so if it interests you, I hope you’ll subscribe! You will, of course, be welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

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